Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good 'Ol Garage

By now, there is color on almost every space in our house except the guest bedroom, bathroom, and our garage. With summer past us, this coming winter will give us time to work on the garage -- specifically our garage floor which, like most garage floors, is currently covered by boring, dull gray concrete.

Some might think, who cares? it's the freakin' garage floor?! (which I wholeheartedly agree with) while my husband might think differently. The garage is like his bathroom closet -- a sacred space and so he would like to be comfortable when he's working in there. I guess that is understandable.

One of the things he talked about doing to the garage was painting the garage floor. Frankly, I am sick of painting (and so is he) after laboring in the kitchen a couple weekends ago. Therefore, it is more likely he will take the alternative approach and install garage flooring such as the interlocking floor tile or diamond garage flooring instead. Either that or we can just coat the garage floor with epoxy since the concrete is still new and clean. carries a whole bunch of different tiles for garage flooring that I think my husband would like such as the stud tile or the diamond tile. I particularly like how the stud tiles are arranged in this pattern and maybe we can do something like that but with different colors like green and java, or brown and java, or green and grey!! (Look at me get all excited . Well, my sweet little car will get to park on the new garage flooring too!)

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