Friday, November 16, 2007

From Oven to Table

My plan to fry turkeys this morning for today's potluck at my job didn't pan out so, last night, I decided to try a hand at the old-fashioned method of baking the turkeys instead.

With the help of my husband and over-the-phone guidance from Maggie (my mom-in-law), we had two gorgeous turkeys by the end of yesterday evening. I couldn't believe it!

The entire house was infused with the most delicious aroma throughout the evening--certainly torturing all of us (including our two cats, Havi and Elgy) and lingered into the morning.
When dawn came, I carved and plated the turkeys to take into work. What took us over four hours to prepare was gone in less than thirty minutes; even though there were also honey-baked ham and plates and plates full of side dishes and desserts. But the effort was well worth the e-mails of praises.
Baking a turkey was actually easier than I thought. You see, I've never baked a turkey in my life so I felt pretty accomplished. Like I've earned a medal in the next level of cooking! I think I certainly deserve one after going through a crash course in cooking two turkeys and with so much at stake (meaning more than two mouths to feed)!

But my lesson would not have been a success without direction from my second mom (with her time tested recipe) and the loving support of my husband. I love you guys!!!

Is there something special or different that you do to make your turkeys taste great?! I'd genuinely like to know.


Dolly said...

Hi Daly, When I make turkey: I slice two oranges into quaters, slice a few celery stalks, and place those into the cavity of the turkey with some garlic and rosemary. I also salt and pepper the bird and rub plenty of butter on and underneath the skin. MMMMMM turkey. Good job on your first turkey!

Hello Daly said...

Oh boy--that sounds good! I'll have to try stuffing the turkey cavity, that way no one has to stare into it. Thank you for the tips!