Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fire in the Hole

Since we didn't get in some target practice on Thanksgiving morning, John, Johnny, and I drove outside the city limits with our friend, Shannon, to get our doses of double action on this sunny Sunday.

This would be my Self Portrait Sunday shot but I wasn't able to get the entire AR-15 barrel included so I cheated (with the help of my lovely assistant, my sweet husband).
The entire morning, we shot with a P22, .45 automatic, my Ruger SP101 .357 mag, an AR-15, and a Armalite .50 caliber (the name is deceiving as it is NOT light but almost 40 lbs. and weighed more like a ton to me!).

Though the Armalite (pictured below with Shannon (the shaved head) doesn't look radical compared to the AR-15 I was holding, these rounds for it are quite extreme and the power of the rifle itself is more deceiving than its conservative appearance eludes to.
When Shannon fired that monster, I wasn't quite prepared to feel the shock wave from the muzzle blast and almost got knocked over. It feels like a sudden gust of wind or kind of like a belly flop into water ... so more of a sudden tap/push than burst of air.

This is a video of Shannon shooting the Armalite, John shooting, and by the time Johnny shot, I still couldn't adapt to the shock wave (no matter where I stood) and don't think I could ever so I sought refuge in our truck. Even when I was sitting inside the truck, I could hear the windows and door panels rattle! Quite wicked that Armalite.

Out of all the firearms we shot this morning, my favorites were the handguns .22, the .357, and the .45. I was having so much fun, I didn't want to stop but we had to get home to put up Christmas lights for the next big holiday.


Corrin said...

oh those are scary weapons!

Dano said...

Next time I'm coming down, bring me out to the desert for some shooting! That would be awesome!
Good job.

Anonymous said...

A P22 are you sure that's not a P220 Sig?

Johnny said...

Hello anonymous,

The handgun in the video of Daly shooting is a 1911. We had a P22 out there that day as well.

Hello Daly said...

Hi Dano! Next time you visit, plan to stay with us and we'll go to the desert and have a blast!!

It's amazing the cost of the ammo and how fast you can blow money away on them. The bullets Shannon is holding in the photo are $3 or $4 a piece. But firing them is so much fun--it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can mail ammo to your state but if you can you might try Cheaper Than Dirt or Midway both have great prices on ammo.

Hello Daly said...

Thank you, I appreciate the referral. This means I can shoot more of 'em...LOL. I'll check it out!