Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dine and Dash

I had the opportunity to meet my sweetie for lunch today (which was a real treat during the work week) so we went to our favorite mom and pop restaurant, Bangkok 9, which made things that much better.

They serve Asian, Chinese, and Thai food and it is one of the best I've ever had--and very reasonably priced too! (One of my favorite is the seafood and papaya salad.) Lunch is from 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and bet your bottoms up you'll get a generous helping of the entree, steamed rice, egg rolls, and soup or salad for under $5.00. We ordered from the (lunch) menu, the Hot Chili, Pad Thai and Spicy Noodles for lunch (pictured above)--YUM!!!

While my husband and I are accustom to the good food and great service during each and every visit, witnessing people dine and dash is something we've never experienced together until this afternoon. (It was a first for me but the last time my husband saw that happen, he was a college student in Reno.)

When the waitress went to the vacated table with the check ... and then walked out the door, we knew something was wrong as we exchanged looks of confusion with customers at other tables. They stood up and went out the door and my husband was right behind as soon as the waitress had confirmed that the party at the empty table didn't pay for their meal.

Meanwhile visions of Johnny having it out with the scum bags in the parking lot demanding money from them went through my head. Many moments later, Johnny walked back into the restaurant and the other customers followed. The only sign of the delinquents was the smell burning rubber from a car that sped off but no one saw anything--neither did the witnesses who were sitting outside the restaurant.

The douche bags had gotten away. They were a couple of teenagers and I saw a glimpse of only the girl over my husband's shoulder while we were eating lunch. They were sitting near the door (obviously positioned for a quick getaway) and the girl had a trendy hunter green cap over her gawd-awful hair dyed black. My husband saw her companion when we first walked into the restaurant; noticeable because he was sitting on his foot while eating at the table (which my husband thought was a trashy thing for a kid his age to do).

As looked around the small restaurant, I could see that everyone felt bad about what happened. No doubt they were patrons like us who wanted nothing more than to beat the pulp out of those kids and make them pay up. To pay for their outstanding check would do nothing but excuse those idiots from their pathetic act of walking straight of the restaurant without leaving a single penny for the goods and services that the restaurant and employees worked so hard to provide.

I regret that I didn't take a photo of my husband like I normally do when we dine. I would've captured an image of the girl in the background and have the satisfaction of posting her face on my blog even if she never becomes aware. No doubt they would most likely go across the street to the shopping mall or get into more trouble. I wanted to track them down so I can kick their lunch money out of them but I needed to get back home since I'm working from home today.

Thinking of people who dine and dash makes my blood boil!


Anonymous said...

I dunno, a collection amongst the patrons may have been less an excuse for the 'dashers' and more a gesture of thanks and respect for the restaurant operators. As far as tragedies go, the dine n' dash is trifflin' like the perpetrators are. They just need to grow up, sometimes it takes awhile....

But I do understand what you mean when you say your blood boils, the last time I felt that way was the day after Halloween. Something bad happened up in Chicago, and it was just so terrible, I was very upset/pissed off even though it had nothing to do with me personally. It is what it is...

Hello Daly said...

Thank you ...

We know these things happen. It's hard not to internalize when it occurred during the time we were there. We wish we could've done something towards a good outcome and when that didn't happen, felt helpless.

I've heard of people dining and dashing at Denny's or chain restaurants but to take advantage of a mom and pops restaurant is really low. Not that the stealing from a larger restaurant is okay but it does seem personal when it's a small family-owned restaurant, we know the waitresses, and the owner and wife are probably the cook and dishwasher, you know?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I gotcha on that one... Never had thai, those pictures look really good!!!!!

Hello Daly said...

Never? Thai food I wouldn't call comfort food because it can be too spicy or hot for some sensitive tastebuds but there are appetizers and dishes that are mild. I LOVE hot and spicy foods so...

You should try it sometime and let me know what you think! If you like noodles, the Pad Thai is a favorite. It's mild but a little too sweet for me so I prefer the Pad See Ew.

The soups are delicious too: Hot and Sour (some don't like the corn starch or rice flower used to thicken the soup) or Tom Yum Kung (shrimp hot and sour soup (clear broth)).

And if you like curry, I would try the yellow curry (mild), green curry (medium), or red curry (hot) chicken soup on a bed of hot steamed rice!

Oh--I am hungry and it's still early in the morning...LOL!!!