Saturday, November 10, 2007

Deep-Fried Turkey

Before I know it, Thanksgiving will be here and the thought of eating a juicy and flavorful turkey is making me hungry! Perhaps this sudden craving is brought on by the passing of my lunch time but I've been too busy cleaning the house and (ahem) blogging to notice until now. My mind is also occupied by this coming week and the potluck at work. I have been nominated to fry the turkey since we have a deep fryer at home. Because of campus regulations, this will be an activity performed at home but at least my boss is letting me come in to work late so I can fry the turkey the morning of the potluck.

Last year, we were at our friends, Paul and Darla's, house for Thanksgiving. They had a deep fryer of their own and we brought ours so we could fry TWO turkeys.

Paul prepared the turkeys by injecting marinade into them (not his arm). He's such a joker.

Then each of the turkeys were placed on a holder and subject to humiliation (just kidding) before lowering into the fryers. Do men ever have a moment of seriousness?

The oils were heated to about 400 degrees before they were hot enough for the turkeys to fry in. (It is crucial not to fill the fryer with too much oil because the turkey will displace the oil causing it to overflow onto the flames underneath the fryer and result in a huge grease fire.)

All went well so we had some yummy deep-fried turkeys for dinner. I have never had deep-fried turkey prior to Thanksgiving at Paul and Darla's and boy was it good!

So the morning of the potluck, my husband has offered to help me fry the turkey since they are pretty heavy to lower into the fryer and doing so can be very dangerous. I don't think there's any need to be worried about me, it's the fried turkey that should be protected because I'll have to do my best not to steal a drumstick first!

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