Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Trip to Ely and Great Basin National Park

Where would I begin to share with you one of the greatest exploration trips I took this past weekend into Northern Nevada? What I thought was a weekend getaway trip into the country to ride on a train became a three-day jam packed fun-filled tour of old mining towns and historical sites with my husband, John, and Maggie. To recount our adventure in detail would take me weeks but I will do my best to summarize what we did and saw.

If you will be patient with me, I will take you on a ride to the place of big trees (Alamo), through railroads and early mining towns of Caliente, Pioche, Ely, breathtaking views from The Great Basin National Park and Rainbow Canyon, our underground adventure in the limestone Lehman Caves, tour six beehive shaped ovens of the Ward Coke Ovens, a ride on the diesel Ghost Train in Ely, visit a one room school house, experience the jail house behind the Million Dollar Lincoln County Courthouse, and a glimpse of the natural wildlife (and that's not everything) -- all just within hours from the bright lights of Las Vegas!

The whole experience was not only educational (pioneers, John and Maggie, are like walking/talking history books) but eye opening to the wonders of Nevada just sitting out there in the middle of "Where the Fugawee" (as John would say); waiting for visitors with curious minds to stop by as Johnny and I have done this past weekend. And we would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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