Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sweet and Crunchy Things

I had my 6-month cleaning and checkup at the dentist this morning and am happy to report all is well and no cavities (and no coffee stains as I was told I had during my last visit)! Just makes me want to bite into something sweet and chug down lots of coffee.

I went three ... long ... days without coffee this week. Quite frankly, that is a miracle. If I drink coffee, I tend not to drink water so I have been trying to cut down my habit of my three (sometimes four) 16 oz. cups a day to one mega cup a day or none at all.

Ooh, Starbucks--you shouldn't have opened up on campus because you're torturing me all the while making it too easy for me to stop by so this morning, I broke down and had to grab a cup of coffee and one of my favorite pastries, a zucchini walnut muffin. I could've done without the huge sugar crystal sprinkles though. I never had a sweet tooth and prefer things that are not sweet when and if I eat dessert.

I don't like frosting on sugar cookies, cupcakes, or anything for that matter unless they have the whipped not-so-sweet frosting on them. I am not a fan of chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies either--unless the chips are melted into the cookie. (I know that's what makes them "a chocolate chip cookie" but hey...) I will just pick the chips out like I do the sugar crystals on the muffin pictured above. I think it's not so much the texture of the unmelted chocolate chips or sugar crystals but it's biting into a chunk of sugar or something sweet that doesn't appeal to me.

So when it comes to sweets, often times I just prefer savory things instead. Spicy beef jerky sounds REALLY good right now.

By the way, that little dancing banana does a good job of staying on beat with the song I'm listening to ... LOL!! (You can find it on the music player in the sidebar.)

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