Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Point B: Caliente, NV

Caliente, NV (Spanish word for "hot"): Population avg. 1,213; 8.71 inches of annual rainfall and 12.1 inches of annual snowfall; famous for the Caliente Train Depot.

The town of Caliente was established when, in 1901, the Union Pacific Railroad started building south from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and Las Angeles. There is an interesting story in the history of Caliente about how the dispute over two railroad companies was settled the old fashion way -- with a shotgun. (I guess people didn't take each other to court back then.)

Day 1: After we had breakfast in Alamo we continued on the US-93 into Caliente, NV. It was cold in the semi-ghost town; the cottonwood and birch trees turning brilliant colors of yellow, reds, oranges, and gold with Mormon Temples nestled in between (there were quite a few in this small town).

Coming into Caliente, NV
Looking back along US-93 where Front Street becomes North Spring Street. Things appeared peaceful in this quiet town.

US-93 in Caliente, NV
We passed the Caliente Train Depot built in 1923. It is no longer in operation but used as the town offices.

In the blink of an eye, we passed through the town. At the last survey, there are approximately 1,213 residents (

"For more than 40 years, Caliente was one of the major division points on the railroad line. When steam engines were replaced by diesel locomotives in the 1940's, the division point moved to Las Vegas. Without the depot as a main railroad stop, the town’s growth dwindled (from a population height of more than 5,000 residents) but not its spirit." --Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce.

Homes on N. Spring Street, Caliente, NV
There's not much in Caliente but they have a E-Lee Ford Lincoln-Mercury Dealership. At this time of the year, there was only a VW Bug for sale. For information on lodging and services, visit this site.

On our return trip, we stopped at J and J Fast Food Restaurant for some really good cheeseburgers. The guys have visited before and strongly recommended this place for lunch.)

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