Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pancakes and Sausages

This morning I am making pancakes and sausages using the built-in griddle on our range for the first time. So far so good; the pancakes are cooking evenly while the husband is at the store getting coffee beans and turkey sausages.

The weather is beautifully sunny but I am glad it is breezy or I would feel guilty not taking the boat out. The hubby just walked in and said it, "Burr! It's sweatshirt weather." I guess that settles any boating activities.

Today, we plan on browsing the shops at the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip and have lunch at either Magaritavile (our favorite place) or California Pizza Kitchen (haven't been there since living in California). We were somewhat tempted through the displays on the window during our walk for Alzheimer's yesterday. We will also attempt to paint the kitchen and hopefully finish it. Heh, eh ... yeah.

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