Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not the Last at Lake Mead

Though I woke up queezy Sunday morning from my overzealous wine consumption at dinner the night before, Sunday morning was so beautiful, sunny, and the air was so still that we couldn't resist going out on the lake. We thought the last weekend in September was definitely our last time taking the boat out as the weather was getting cooler and cooler by the day.
When we turned into Sandy Cove, guess who we saw but the same people we met the last time we were at the beachy area. John and Will (John works with my husband through a tool supply company and comes by the Harley-Davidson shop every week. Small world, huh?)
I had to wear my silver mesh with gray piping bikini which was custom made to match our new boat. Next season, my suit might be out of style or we will not have a matching boat knowing my husband.
[Forgive me, the bottom was made a little more micro than what I usually wear.]
Standing on the beach drinking margaritas, we actually broke a sweat because they day was surprisingly warm for the middle of October!
Now we are definitely convinced this has to be our last weekend out on the water because the weather couldn't possibly be any nicer since we are well into autumn.
But at least we had this past weekend out on Lake Mead. Even if we don't launch the boat again for the rest of the year, we still had fun and one last outing.


Anonymous said...

Holy nipples Batman!!!!!

You made my day.

Anonymous said...

those are very nicely done, they are worth every penny. your husband must enjoy them every day.