Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mini Overhaulin'

After a couple months, the dealership finally got another white VW Rabbit to switch the front bumper with so Peter Rabbit got a mini face lift.
Gone is that hideous black "lunch plate" looking thingie on which a license plate would have been mounted. Doesn't it kind of look like the toothbrush mustache on Charlie Chaplain or something?
To date, updates include the 19" Audi RS6 wheels, a shorty antenna, color matched side markers, and now the unmarred bumper.

The next make-over Peter Rabbit will undergo is taking away the off-road truck looking stance and lowered down to sniffing-the-asphalt suspension. Then tinting the windows just a tad bit so no one can see me singing along with Paris Hilton's, Stars Are Blind song.

See how there is a lot of space in the wheel well?

So I altered the photo to give you an idea of what Peter might look like dropped and tinted.
Chip Foose, eat your heart out!!!


johnny said...

I say, that looks sooooooo sick.

Hello Daly said...

thank you, sweetie. i love my car because it's cute ... and kinda dorky like me so Peter and I have that in common.