Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Things Favors

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun -- and a lot of work. Fortunately, my husband and I had an entire year to plan our wedding and together with the tireless help of family and friends, our tropical, Asian-themed wedding was a memorable day.

I recall when we were putting together our wedding favors (pictured above), we had labels to stick on, ribbons and raffia to tie, and boxes and boxes to assemble and fill with fortune cookies personalized with our messages. I had looked at purchasing completed wedding favors on so many websites but didn't find a wedding favor that will fit perfectly into our wedding theme so we had to muscle up our efforts and customize our own.

Had I found Little Things Wedding Favors, things might have been easier in writing our Happily Ever After story. Founded in 2003 by a couple who were in the same position when they were planning their wedding, the company and employees certainly understand the challenges of looking for low-priced quality favors.

Little Things has over 3,000 favors and accessories not just for weddings but other occasions such as baby and bridal showers, Sweet 16 birthdays, religious events, and gifts for just anyone--gals, guys, kids, and even honeymoon fun! They even have favors for under $1.00 for those planning on a budget.

In addition to having a huge selection of favors, they also offer:
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy Return Policy with No Restocking Fee
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • Free Shipping on Orders over 250.00
From an ex-bride, that sounds like great service and value to me. If you are planning an event and are hunting for a great selection of favors, please consider visiting Little Things at

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