Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

The first day I attended the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, CA, we were given a video camera to shoot a 2-3 minute piece on whatever topic we wanted and then we were critiqued. I quickly learned that making films is not as easy as it looked.

My experience goes to show that just because I had a video camera, does not make me a film maker. There's more to production than just shooting and editing. One only need to look at some of the local commercial broadcast on t.v. to know what I mean. I'm always left thinking who shot this? It is just horribly cheesy!

Then I saw the demo reel for Aurora Coast Productions, a NJ corporate video production services, and thought, now here is a company that can demonstrate how a vision becomes a product that is visually appealing and is effective. They provide a comprehensive services and so anyone can pretty much hire a production team that comes with the equipment and an experienced crew.

They shoot using different mediums (film, video, high-def) for commercials, corporate, events, documentary, full-length motion picture -- you name it.

So if I were looking to start a project, I would check out Aurora Coast Productions to partner with in my next film making adventure.

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