Monday, October 01, 2007

Lake Mead: Last Weekend in September

We did not expect Sunday to bring boating weather but the rain on Saturday must've sapped every drop of rain from the clouds and so Sunday was clear and sunny without a breeze in the air.And so it was hard not to do the obvious--take the boat out for a cruise!! My husband got the boat ready while I packed up our drinks, food, and equipment for a day on the lake.
Soon we were heading towards Lake Mead, passing the Bighorn sheep grazing the grass of Hemenway Park in Boulder City.
We were surprised by the number of people and boats beached at Sandy Cove and that's where we hung out all day. We met some awesome people and chatted all day with them.

[Fun in the sun.]

I even made some big small friends, Vinnie and Don Nunzio, who were very good photo subjects. (Don is absolutely crazy about rocks. He makes me want to give up jerky for rocks!)

[Speeding home at over 90 m.p.h. into the sunset.]
We're afraid this is the last good weekend for boating but you know what, we were very lucky to be able to enjoy what little was left of summer.

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