Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hey .. baby

When the weather is nice, I like to roll down the windows of my car to feel the breeze and hear the life of the city I otherwise wouldn't have heard with my windows rolled up. It is not often we have open-car-window weather in Vegas; it's either too hot, too cold, or too windy so I really indulge in having my windows rolled down when driving to or from work.

But it seems, more often than not, having my window down is apparently an invitation to get hit on. I just pretend I can't hear them because my stereo is cranked. If they needed directions, they would have said, "Excuse me Miss..." and not, "Hey" followed by a whistle. [Please know that I am not a stuck-up; I am just not use to being in that situation.]

[Side note: when I was younger, the compliments seem to come from not so attractive guys--which I use to take personally as if that said something about me. I thought, why couldn't the compliment come from a good looking guy? I might actually be flattered and feel better about myself. Now that I'm older, I think the genuine opinions actually come from the not so attractive or older men. Because they were, more or less, merely confident enough to voice their opinion and not so much trying to hit on me. But no matter where the compliments come from, young or old guys, I am still not prepared for them and don't know how to handle them.]

So today I was in my car at a stop light; windows rolled down and trying to relax on my way home before I hit the traffic jam on the freeway. I had just left the gym and was sweaty, hair in pigtails with my bangs plastered to my head but happy that I had completed another workout.

Then a car pulled up to me and I flashed the driver a polite smile before turning away. (I almost always smile at strangers; I don't know--that is just me as if I have an automatic perma-smile on my face. At times I get weird looks but most of the time, they smile back.)

Then I heard, "Gosh you are beautiful. I just want to tell you that." from the guy in the car that had pulled up next to me.

Normally I would've been irritated (though I don't understand why I should take offense to a compliment; especially if I started the non-verbal communication. After all it was coming from a car away and not accompanied simultaneously by a grab to my ass.) I was in a good mood (and getting better at handling compliments) so I smiled again and modestly said, "Thank you. That is kind of you." At least the compliment didn't come while I was bearing all in one of my tiny bikinis. I think his comment was genuine.

"You really are beautiful. God bless you."

And then the light turned green. He wished me a good evening, I wished him the same, and we took off.

I smiled to myself. My day was that much better. Yeah, I'll take that; I'll accept that compliment. Even if it came from an older taxi cab driver.

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