Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fun in the Garage

Garages. Aren't they just a great auxiliary space? To some, it is simply a place to store vehicles and excess junk and for others, it is a place to getaway, socialize, or hang out. Some garages are set up for musical bands and some, like my neighbor across the street, have couches and a t.v. in them like a semi-outdoor lounge.

Well our garage is nothing at all interesting like that. It's pretty boring and is currently used for the traditional purpose of storing the car, boat, bikes, machines, and tools.

But our garage has seen more exciting days. Like the time I tried distracting my husband while he was working in the garage. I told him that I was coming out into the garage wearing nothing but my stripper shoes and bikini.

And the one time I played an April Fool's prank on him by switching his garage clicker with mine. He kept pressing his clicker, opening and closing the other garage door several times before he caught onto what I did.

Who would've thought that garages can be so much fun! What do you do in your garage?

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