Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Early morning to Ely

It's 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 6th and we're on the I-15 North towards Ely, a mining town established around (don't quote me) 1868. The isolated town went bankrupt and the state took over the town (controlled the budget, paid the utilities, etc.) in order to keep it from going defunct because it is the only establishment around for miles and miles.

This weekend we're with John and Maggie to visit Ely and take a guided tour of the underground caverns of the Great Basin. The next day, we will ride a steam engine train to Ruth to check out the open pit mines in Ruth. I can already smell the sulfur from the hot springs.

The farther we drive away from Vegas, the lower the temperature drops. (I can tell we're in the middle of nowhere by my lack of cellular service.) It's 55 degrees and I can feel the coolness through the window. From this point on, it will not be much warmer. (You can click on each post heading and follow our trip on a map.)

Funny, last weekend I was in my bikini and we were standing on the sandy beaches of Lake Mead sipping margaritas. This weekend I will be covered in my parka and sipping hot cocoa.

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