Thursday, October 18, 2007

Change the name to WHAT?

I once posted about what I do for a living (in short, schedule classroom space for events, meetings, and academic classes). I also deal with changes to the academic schedule and course offerings each fall and spring semester, for example, increase the enrollment cap, change the day(s) and or time(s) that a course is offered, in addition to changing the rooms that the classes are scheduled in.

I received a request to change the course title of a class that was called, Special Topics: Nuclear Power Analysis from the Engineering Department but since we work in a DOS-based archaic database that can only accept 25 characters for the course title (including spaces and punctuation), I asked the department to suggest a title that fits within the parameters and I was given:


Okay ... the title (especially the last part) can be taken totally out of context but at least it is exactly 25 characters.

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