Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bad Hair Day

I'm joining in on Self Portrait Sunday and (will attempt) to post a photo of myself every Sunday. I believe this concept started with this guy who took a photo of himself sitting at his computer every day (as opposed to every Sunday) for like a year and made a time lapse video from his still shots.

Right now I don't feel like fixing my hair so I just tied my bed hair into pig tails. We're out the door to drop off stuff at Goodwill before heading to the mall. I mentioned before that I hate shopping for clothes but now I can say I don't wanna ruin my hair getting in and out of my clothes.

Edit: There is nothing like walking around all day flashing flesh through a hole in my jeans between one of the back pocket and my butt crack to motivate me into shopping for new jeans! I guess my clothes were getting pretty worn out.

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Corrin said...

Look at you joining in! Cute pic.