Monday, October 29, 2007

Back at Work

I spent the nice long weekend painting the kitchen and Christmas shopping with Maggie. Saturday night, my husband and I went to John and Maggie's home for dinner and we watched a great movie called, The Ultimate Gift. If you get a chance to watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day for boating (can you believe we still have nice weather the last Sunday of October? I guess that makes up for the hot summers that we have.) and though we desperately wanted to take the boat out, Johnny and I spent all day Sunday finishing up the painting of the kitchen. We are SO SORE from reaching above our heads and leaning in odd positions so we can paint all the nooks and cranny parts of the kitchen BUT we are finally finished with painting the kitchen!! Can you believe it? After weeks and weeks of looking for the right color...and now that part of the project is done. I replaced the standard white switch plates with stainless steel ones and our kitchen looks like a whole different place. All that is left is to install the track lighting and I promise I'll post pics.

Today I am back at work. We've been decorating the office for Halloween and a contest between the different areas of our building. Wish I could show you all of it but it's top secret for now.

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