Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To Tattoo or No Tattoo?

Night at Turtle Bar[At the Naked Turtle Bar overlooking the waters of Lake Havasu, AZ.]

One of the differences between my husband and I is that he has tattoos and I don't. They are tattoos of flames, nautical stars, Tikkis, Fred Flintstone, a horseshoe, pistons and rods, Clay Smith Cams woodpecker, hibiscus, spark plugs, bombs, wrenches, a dragon, dices, skulls (happy ones), and of course, hula and pinup girls (both of them are supposedly modeled after me ). Some of his tattoos are on his back and shoulders but most are distributed throughout the length of his arms. When I met him, he had them solely on his shoulders and back but now, he has full sleeves.

I, on the other hand, have not a single tattoo. Nada, not one. That's not to say that I never wanted one. I just couldn't decide on what I wanted etched into my skin for the rest of my life.

Businesses are booming as a result of tattoo remorse. Luckily, my husband has no regrets about his decisions. He loves his tattoos and would like a little more. He enjoys looking at them for what they are, pieces of art on him ... forever.

But for others who do not have that kind of commitment, they might be better suited for temporary tattoos. (What I would prefer to get if I were to finally decide on what I want on my body, permanently or not.) There are companies that sell special paper which you can print your own designs on and make your own press-on tattoos (remember those?) and there are others who sell temporary tattoo ink for airbrush tattoo systems to create a more professional look.

The TAT (Temporary Tattoo Store) sells everything from temporary tattoo ink, stencils, and glitter tattoos to body crystals, airbrush tanning (systems and supplies), equipment and more.

In a world with constantly changing trends, temporary tattoos may be the way to go for those who can't commit to permanent tattoos. I think the industry leader in temporary airbrush tattoo supplies worldwide, TAT, might be the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Hello Daly, It is nice to have met you and Johnny yesterday. I'm loving the music you chose for the page here. I see we like to frequent a lot of the same hot spots, and not just the lake. Look forward to crossing paths with you all again soon. Take good care.



Tattoo Machines said...

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