Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery?

I started contemplating having my breasts augmented years ago but never seriously pursued having the procedure until last year when I saw a photo of myself in one of my new Malibu String Bikinis ... I had what looked like the flat chest of a boy. So with the emotional and financial support of my husband, we researched doctors (mainly in CA and NV) and the pros/cons of having the elective surgery. I also asked friends about their personal experiences.

I think we were fortunate to find a great doctor and my procedure turned out to be a success. From the consultation, surgery, and many follow-up visits to where I am now today; over a year later after having the surgery. I am pleased now that I can fill my bikini tops and shirts which once required a strapless or padded bra. All the research we did paid off.

I wished then that there was a website with comprehensive information on the various popular cosmetic procedures like MYA - Make Yourself Amazing. It would have made my research a lot easier to find Cosmetic Surgery Advice all in one spot. Many of the questions and responses posted on the website were similar to the concerns that I had.

Within this year orthe next, I'm considering Rhinoplasty -- for cosmetic and more important, personal reasons. I think one could relate if you have a non-existent nose bridge, flat face, and high cheek bones. When I am ready to do some research, I will definitely visit MYA as one of my resources.

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