Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tearing it Up

Turning thirty years old is a milestone which definitely requires a celebration. So last night, we went to the Green Valley Ranch Casino to party at Whiskey Beach and later Whiskey Bar in honor of our friend's birthday.
Outside of Whiskey Bar is Whiskey Beach, the pool and lounge area of the casino, where we relaxed on the comfy seating and soaked in the cool air of the night while we caught up on each others' lives.
Even though some of us work with each other and live just a few blocks away, we're all so busy with our own lives and time passes by before we get to see or talk to each other. You know how that goes.

But good friends are hard to find and so we try to not to take that for granted.
Soon it was time to get the party started so we trailed inside to Whiskey Bar for more drinks and some dancing.
We were having so much fun tearing up the dance floor that we lost track of time.
Kristen and Melissa took advantage of the stripper pole while we hooted and hollered.
It has been quite some time, actually since we were in Lake Havasu for the Fourth of July, that we stayed out this late with our friends, Don and Li, bar hopping. As always, everything was well worth it for a night of fun with friends.


Corrin said...

That looks like so much fun...I've been dying to go to the Green Valley Ranch!

Hello Daly said...

I know how much you love Vegas! You should definitely come stay at GVR next time. It is off the beaten path but has just as much to offer with a little more relaxed atmosphere.