Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surprising Things Found at Urban Outfitters

After we were done admiring the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, we stopped by the model for the new City Center to see where the Veer Towers, The Harmon Residences, Vdara Condo Hotel, and The Residences at Mandarin Hotel will be erected. The resort and casino is scheduled to open in late 2009. How cool would it be to own one of the condos to rent out or use for the weekends?
Then we went across the street into the Miracle Mile Shops to browse Urban Outfitters. We were greeted by a huge wall filled with the word, "Welcome" in every language (I gotta check into verifying that).

Then a beautiful chandelier where each crystal is suspended on a string to form a sphere (I flipped the photo upside down). Makes me wanna whack the crystals and cause them to go spinning out of control.

Once inside Urban Outfitters, we perused through the fall fashion. Nothing there was really my taste -- especially the skinny jeans. I just don't get those. The only people that can pull that look off are those with stick figured bodies, in my opinion, everyone else (those with an average body) just looks like they have an disproportionately big bum!

Saw this t-shirt which made me shudder. I do not like images of the Virgin Mary. I have nothing against the holy lady, just art renderings of her.

Then there's this book called Milk Eggs Vodka, (a collection of) grocery lists lost and found. In this photo below, one of the pages inside has a list that read, "cracker juice Pop tarts Pants no rub Colgate Kleenex" and so the author's comment is, "Well, let's be honest, who would want, "Pants (the kind that rub)"?

The grocery list on the right says, "Gin (Tanqueray) and candy for work" and the author comments, "At least it doesn't say, "Gin (for work)". Ha, ha!

Unsatisfied with the selection of clothing (mind you, I am not fashion conscious, hippest of the hip either. In fact, I'm not even hip.), I started browsing the books and games and found some interesting ones like, What's Your Poo Telling You? and What the Fuck? - the incredibly f*cked up drinking game.

And this one takes the cake, the Penis Pokey.

Each page has a scene and the owner of the book can try how his ... ahem looks in each scenario.

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