Saturday, September 29, 2007

She has him by the balls?

For the past few days, we've been preparing the guest bedroom and bathroom in anticipation of a visit from our buddy whom we haven't seen in a long time and his new girlfriend whom we have yet to meet. They would be staying with us for the Las Vegas Bikefest this weekend. Or that's what we thought.

Our friend is "in love" with this girl and so we were looking forward to meeting this special person who stole his heart. Our friend is an awesome guy which speaks highly for the person who caught his interest.

The plan was that they would arrive Friday. But then Friday became Saturday. Okay, I understand that plans change.

When Saturday (which is today) came, we didn't hear anything since they had supposedly arrived in town. Come to find out they are not staying with us as planned. And then we heard that they were already on their way home without a single word and we did not even get to see neither of them as we had been looking forward to. Uh ... hello?

Needless to say I am a little irked after hearing all this. For one, it took my husband to call and find out we are not having guests staying at our house. Fine then. Whatever they want to do is fine with us. However, there was no, "Hey, I am sorry we can't stay as planned but maybe we can meet up later tonight." I would've accepted that.

Then, there was a friend (of our friend) who rode down with our buddy and his girlfriend who was at the Eastern Harley-Davidson store pulling credit to qualify for a motorcycle purchase. My husband was quite perplexed by this. Why wasn't the friend referred to the Henderson Harley-Davidson store where my husband works? (My husband's friend purchased a bike from my husband and that's how they became buddies so it's not like it's a mystery that my husband is at the Henderson location.)

Finally the friend/potential customer came to my husband's shop and their conversation went something alone the lines of this:
My husband: "Oh, where is (our buddy)?"

The friend: "Uh ... they went home (to Havasu) already. She was tired." (Lake Havasu is about an hour and forty-five minutes from where we live. It's pretty convenient of a drive.)
What?! The girlfriend is 19 years old. It is Bikefest weekend. How can anyone be tired and want to go home already? And worse, not even stop by to at least see my husband before taking off. And this really gets me -- not one phone call to say, "Hey, I am sorry but we're pretty beat from the whole trip and event so we're leaving town. Sorry we didn't get to meet up." At least that.

Wow ... I am just at a loss for words. Like, WTF happened? Was it something we did? Because I can't think of a single reason why any of this has to do with us.

Our friend gave us the key to his house and we've always had a place to stay when we're in Havasu whether he is there or out of town. I think we consider each other friends. Wouldn't he want to introduce his girlfriend to us? (Especially since she is in town from Kansas.) I've seen photos of her and she is really cute. We just want to at least see our buddy and the person who is making him so happy--is there anything wrong with that?

At this point, I can only come to certain conclusions based upon the following behaviors:
  • They were coming for the Bikefest but for some reason, she didn't want to do the poker run (that's one of the biggest event of Bikefest).
  • They were going to come Friday night but decided to come Saturday instead.
  • They're not staying with us as planned and no courtesy phone call to let us know after we got everything ready for their stay.
  • Not a single word (in person or by phone) before leaving for home.
I can only infer from all this that she doesn't want to meet us for certain reasons and we can't believe our friend is allowing himself to get jerked around. (Infatuation does crazy things to people, I know.) My husband was just pissed over all this; he really cares about his friend and doesn't want him to get hurt because it seems like his girlfriend has him by the balls and is yanking him around. Doesn't it seem that way to you?

I am trying hard not to put the blame on anyone although I slightly agree with my husband. Surely there must be a reason for all this. I hope we get some sort of explanation and that everything is fine.


chris said...

yeah thats definitely pretty gay. makes you appreciate the people who always call when they come into town :)

dont worry about it... eventually he will see his friends disappear before his eyes only to be replaced by hers!! LOL

J.K. said...

Hey. I was searching the internet for ideas for kitchen paint colors and somehow ended up on your blog. (?) I read this post about how your friend completely bailed on you guys for the weekend. I just wanted to say, that was INCREDIBLY rude of him, and I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Pretty schmucky behavior, to say the least! I also wanted to throw in my $0.02 on the new gf, though -- there's no way we can conclude that she's the driving force behind his decisions to behave like a jerk. I say, give her the benefit of the doubt -- the only thing you can really say about someone you've never met, is that you've never met them. At the end of the day, your beef is really with your friend -- he's the one you have a relationship with, so he's the one who needs to step up and answer for the way he treated you. It'd be a pity to start hating this girl you don't know, based on conjecture. Innocent before proven guilty, right? I mean, the truth is that you *could* be right, but the truth is also that you could be way off, so there's no benefit to silently seething against a complete stranger. Your friend is the one who wronged you, and he's the one who's responsible for, well, acting like a friend! I hope and trust that it will all work out -- he's definitely acting weird and awkward, so as long as you guys are willing to endure more potential mysterious behavior for the sake of the friendship, you will be ok. Just keep the lines of communication open -- talking things out is key here. Good luck!