Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Personals for Bikers

John & Daly Riding (April 2005)Are you a Honda Honey? A Chopper Chap? Or perhaps a Harley Hipster? Is Match.com not working out for you? If not, there is a great site called BikerPlanet.com, a biker personals website where people can meet others who share the same interests--riding.

I have a Harley man (and can't imagine being married to someone who doesn't like to ride motorcycles). He sells them but we love riding even more.

While we have found our match, perhaps biker dating will work for you. The Las Vegas Bikefest is coming up this weekend so why not meet someone on the #1 Biker Community on the Net (http://www.bikerplanet.com) to share the upcoming event with? Who knows, finding that special girl or guy who likes riding just as much or more than you might be fun!

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