Monday, September 24, 2007

Painting: Don't-Do-It Yourself

After hours of sifting through paint swatches and fiddling online with the settings of a color scheme generator (to see if I could find a paint color for our kitchen walls which would work with what we already have on the walls of the lounge and living room, Mayan Treasure and Royal Red), I purchased two sample containers of Field Poppy and Brick Hearth.

I began painting patches in places where I could visualize these three colors together ... and waited; meanwhile glancing sideways and around corners at the result every now and then to see if I liked what I saw. The Field Poppy was too bright of an orange and the Brick Hearth was too lipstick pink. The colors simply weren't cutting it and I don't know what I was waiting for--as if they would magically morph into the perfect shades or something. [SIGH] I guess I'm back to square one and I had been nervous and biting my nails for nothing.

Out of all the tasks we undertook during this project, I would have to say painting is the hardest thing to do. Not only is it labor intensive but picking the right color combinations just doesn't come easy for me.

My husband and I have discussed getting the exterior of the house painted next year. We painted the interior walls ourselves but this is something we will not even attempt to do ourselves. Instead, we will outsource the work when we are ready. Painting is the quickest way to give your home a new look but I never said it was easy.

We were thinking of choosing warm, earthy colors to warm up the faded light-tan stucco. We also have a pergola like the deco Houston pergolas and would like to have that painted as well. White, in this case, is just too plain and boring.

There's a company in Texas called All-Tex Home Improvement Experts and they do siding, roofing, decks, painting, carports, gorgeous sun rooms, and much more. I doubt they would extend their services to Vegas but I would sure like to find a company like that out here. Then I can just skip the days and hours of deliberating on what color of paint would look best and the actual job of painting myself.

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