Friday, September 21, 2007

Orange Roughy, Mojitos, and a Storm?

Man, oh, man! I can't tell you HOW MUCH I love my weekends with my husband and cats--and Fridays are the start of it all.

I was feeling a little creative so I made lemon-fresh dill Orange Roughy in a light wine butter sauce.
And a side of roasted peppers and onion medley and brown rice with cheddar.
Johnny made our all-time favorite summer drink, Mojitos. What the heck, summer is ending soon. Might as well toast to a great season!
The girls as usual hang out with us. I never can understand why they prefer to sit on crisp paper and books rather than a soft suede surface.
The couch in the living room is another one of favorite places to have a cozy dinner. We have a round dining table in the breakfast nook within the kitchen but it's too removed from where we are more comfortable.
Then something happened that is pretty rare for the Las Vegas-Henderson area... it started to rain. And I don't mean like the constant drizzling rain like in Seattle. When it rains in Vegas, IT POURS. It sounded like there was hail dropping from the skies like it did last October!
Of course this event is a novelty for us so we couldn't resist running around in the rain. It felt so refreshing in the warm night and I remember thinking, THIS is why I live for the weekends!
A little play before the work to come tomorrow. As much as I dread painting the kitchen, it simply has to be done. Then, and only then can we say that this project is complete. Hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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