Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh, baby!

By the time Friday finally came around, I was like a penguin that had been underwater for way too long and desperately needed to come up for air ... but I could'nt just yet. I still had to go shopping for the items that would become the prizes for games of the baby shower I'd be attending the next day.

I can't tell you how irritating it is to shop for specific items under pressure. I like browsing but if I have to find stuff, especially foreign objects like baby wipes and pacifier holders, it just irks me that after spending over fifteen minutes, I couldn't find the one darn thing in I was looking for in Baby Care Station #1. AAAaarggh!!! Finally, one of the employees offered to help me and I found what I needed within five minutes and was out of that store.

Two hours later, I was home and finished applying the second coat of paint on the cabinet doors and hung them up. Then cleaned the house and assembled what I had purchased while I waited for a long-time friend to arrive in town. He was in Vegas to referree baseball games and my husband and I offered him a place to stay overnight.

Maggie and I were on the road by 6 a.m. Saturday morning. As soon as we arrived at Grandma's house in Corona Del Mar, we began preparing for the shower. The scarescrow pictured above adorned
Grandma, Jan, and Maggie made a beautiful tray of fresh veggies with ranch dip, brie cheese topped with caramelized onions, salmon dip, and for dessert, carrot cake and lemon poppy seed cake. Yumm... I was so full from the appetizers, I barely at the Greek salad and sandwich from To-Go's served for lunch.
Lindsay and Hilary and decorated the tables around the pool. They purchased these beautiful flowers from the farmer's market.

We played games while we ate. The players collected a necklace of diapers from anyone who said baby, guessing the circumfrance of the mother with toilet paper, and guessing what chocolate candy bar is smeared on the diapers ... when we had a tie, we used a basket full of baby items and played a game of recall.
The shower was so much fun but it went on way longer than I had thought it would. So as soon as we got back to Grandma's house, I had me a glass of gin and tonic and we sat in the living room catching up on what we've been doing in our lives.

I was on my way home the next morning, a single blossom of ginger in my air vent, plucked from Grandma and Jan's garden.

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