Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Idea of Shopping

I never liked shopping for clothes. I don't know exactly why that is. Maybe I don't like the crowded malls and parking lots, or waiting in line for a dressing room (if I can even find someone to help me), or trying on clothes only to find out I need a size larger or smaller or it just simply doesn't fit right. Perhaps I don't like changing in and out of my clothes. Everything pretty much sums up to convenience or rather the inconvenience of it all.

So I prefer to shop for my clothes and shoes online. That has worked out pretty well for the most part; I have never needed to return anything.

But I would gladly fight the crowd for a flat panel t.v. mount for our plasma t.v. or 37" flat panel for my office or a Western Digital 1TB external hard drive (but I will happily settle for the 500GB). I already have a Lacie 120GB hard drive and Western Digital 60GB portable drive (which is maxed out) and would love to upgrade. There are some good deals online at like the 180GB WD portable hard drive for a fraction of what I originally paid for both of my comparatively puny storage less than a year or two ago.

For now online clothes shopping is just fine with me.

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