Thursday, September 06, 2007

Living in Las Vegas

Hard to believe that I have lived in Las Vegas for three years now, going on four. I moved in the fall of '04 from CA to be closer to my sweetheart and attend the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. My boyfriend had already moved from Redondo Beach, where we met and lived, to Vegas a couple years before I decided to take the plunge myself to be with him. Las Vegas homes were very affordable years ago and purchasing a home was one of the best decisions my sweetheart made.

Vegas? People would ask me in bewilderment. Why Vegas?

Questions I've asked myself and my response was always, "for love". Aside from being with the love of my life, the thought of living in the desert scared me; having lived in the beautiful green state of Washington and blocks from the ocean and beaches of Hermosa Beach. I was only familiar with The Strip in Las Vegas and thought there wasn't much else in the vast desert except mobile homes ... but I was wrong.

Las Vegas is a great city and I think it's because we have almost everything in close vicinity; from the finest restaurants in the world, abundance of night clubs, and entertainment to the outdoors (camping, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, (the list goes on and on) and (of course, my favorite) boating), and a major international airport; all within the close proximity of 113 square miles. Not to mention that Las Vegas homes are still affordable (especially in today's market) and if you do not want to live in Las Vegas, you can choose Summerlin or Henderson (where my husband and I currently live).

There's just tons of things to do and places to see beyond The Strip:
Hoover Dam
Fremont Street Experience
Lake Mead
Las Vegas Springs Reserve
Red Rock Canyon
[more to be added]

And if you are willing to drive a little, you can visit Boulder City and watch the Desert Bighorn Sheep from a few feet away, go boating on the Colorado River in Lake Havasu, see the Grand Canyon, ride a motorcycle to Death Valley, or visit Laughlin.

There's no doubt Vegas has a lot to offer though living in this city may not be for everyone--especially if you can't deal with the summer heat. But if you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas, make sure to check out Las Vegas Homes for your mansion in the desert.

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