Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day '07 on Lake Mead

We launched our boat at Lake Mead Marina Sunday morning and though it was quite breezy, we had no problems with the ride as we rode between the narrow walls of Boulder Canyon into the open waters of the Virgin Basin. The water was much calmer out there, peaceful and quiet.

Until we heard in the distance, the sound of a weed whacker. My husband said you can hear the sound of the outboard coming towards us. I saw this small yellow rocket pass us by, throwing a rooster tail tripple its length. Johnny recognized the boat and rider; we waved.

The boat sped off into the distance, slowed down, and turned around in our direction. Johnny recognized him as Keith.
We floated in the water next to each other, chatting for quite some time before we followed him towards Temple Bar for a sandy beach where Keith would be meeting others.
It's amazing what we saw along the way, like this ... stack of dirt like a carved piece of chocolate cake just sitting out there.
Soon we were at the stretch of sand nicknamed Big Sandy Beach (near South Cove in Gregg Basin).
There was plenty of sand for us to beach on. Other families were there and the only sound we heard were of people laughing. No loud music, no engines revving. It was nice...
Finally Keith's friend joined us. It is a small world out there as we knew some of the other people who were out there.
There definitely was no serious business going on out there. Everyone was having a silly and fun time.
One couple was Johnny's parents' neighbor in Boulder City who were there with their 42-foot all carbon Outer Limit and it was a perfect match for my Malibu String suit!
We hung out for a while until it was time to jet home. With much work to do around the house tomorrow, we wanted to have our evening time together.
I love our boat! At over 80 m.p.h., it's hard to tell that we're even going that fast because the catamaran just glides over the water and this boat does a better job at deflecting the wind.
Today was especially nice for us to have some time play time off together. No drama; just sheer fun all day.


LVDOT777 said...

Thanks so much for the great pictures...I was just wondering how it looked out there lately...I use to spend alot of time out there even these are now a year old there great...


Daly said...

Lora I am glad you enjoyed the pictures, thank you.

Lake Mead has sadly changed since these photos were taken. The lake level seems to decrease on a weekly basis and the sandy beaches are slowly going away exposing a rocky shoreline.

Lake Mead Marina is gone--nonexistent (but the launch ramp is still there). All the slips, restaurant, and mini-mart have been moved down to Hemenway Harbor. It's all eerie and sad so we try to enjoy the lake while we can.

You can follow all the posts about Lake Mead here: Thanks for visiting. :)

Anonymous said...

nice bikini ;)

M Fox said...

Such a gorgeous pair of tits