Saturday, September 01, 2007

I see shopping carts everywhere

I went to do some grocery shopping this afternoon for our day out on the lake tomorrow (plus our fridge has been emptied to bare bones because we haven't been able to cook; due to the remodeling of our kitchen). I always try to park reasonably far away in the parking lot, near the end of the row--mainly so I can avoid door dings and can get out of the parking lot easier. Even near the end of the row of cars, low and behold I saw ... an abandoned shopping cart.
I looked around and ah-ha! spotted another shopping cart. I took this one inside the store to use because it has potential to get blown around in the day's slight breeze and hit the cars nearby (most likely mine since I'm downhill).
It is such a beautiful day, I don't understand why people can't spend a few seconds and walk a mere few feet to go put their carts away. The corral for shopping carts are conveniently placed at every parking row.
After I came out of the grocery store, I saw this ... exactly what I had hoped didn't happen to me. I would have been mad if that was my car! (In the second photo, the reflection of the side mirror of my car shows there wasn't a cart butted up against that vehicle before I went into the grocery store.)
I have never seen so many stray shopping carts at this grocery store before this day (count them in the photo below, I can see about six). Is it really THAT hot (because it wasn't folks) so that a few feet to the shopping cart corral may cause sunburns or are people simply THAT lazy?!
(I think it's sheer laziness)

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