Friday, September 28, 2007

First Day of Autumn

Last Sunday we were invited to John and Maggie's home for dinner to celebrate the First Day of Autumn. The Fall Equinox marks the day when day and night are of equal length but from here on out, the time of daylight will get shorter and night will be longer.

Our friend, Dan, who was in town met up with us after we were done admiring the displays of the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and browsing Urban Outfitters.

Soon we were in Boulder City and couldn't resist stopping at Hemenway Park to watch the Desert Bighorn Sheep graze along the grass. Nearby, children and their parents are having fun ice blocking.
The afternoon is absolutely gorgeous with the sun setting over River Mountain. Here, they have "sheep crossing" signs.

Then we have drinks before dinner. Dan catches up with John and they later gathered over John's gun collection. (Dan will be heading to Colorado after Vegas to go on a hunting trip for an exotic animal with his father.)

Maggie always does a beautiful job with creating a setting that makes me feel like Autumn is really here.
My husband did what I would've done, pour the water in the wine glass and so we drank the wine out of the water glass. That is perfectly fine with us!

It's not too early to have a turkey dinner. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!!

It is hard for me to digest the fact that this weekend is the last weekend in September. When I come back to work next week, it will be October already. YIKES!

Hope this weekend is warm and glassy on the lake so we can get in some boating time on Sunday. I still am not sure what to do with the kitchen wall. The painting has come to a halt as the two colors I picked didn't quite work out. Perhaps we'll join in on the fun at the Las Vegas Bikefest (our friend, Tavis, and his girlfriend are staying with us for the event) and hopefully we can squeeze in a visit to John and Maggie's booth at the gun show.

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