Monday, September 03, 2007

Don Vito's and Tahiti Joes

Friday night, we went to dinner with John and Maggie. They have been so giving of their time and effort in helping us with the remodeling of the kitchen, we thought the least we could do was make dinner for them ... at Don Vito's. (Once our kitchen is complete, we will be able to cook them a real dinner but for now, some good Italian food will suffice ).

If there is a time when my husband and I ever think that we have a busy schedule, John and Maggie has us beat in that department so we are fortunate to steal them away for dinner.
Don Vito's is a restaurant within the newly built South Point Hotel & Casino serving Old-World style Italian dishes and fresh seafood flown in daily.

Accompanying our wine is warm Focaccia bread with baked-on mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes served with a small dish of tomatoes and roasted garlic in oil dipping.
Johnny ordered the broiled Fillet Mignon with Madeira Mushroom Sauce (the best he's ever had) cooked to perfection; it just melted in our mouths. YUM!!I chose the Seafood Diavolo with sauteed shrimp, lobster, sea scallops in linguine and fresh tomato sauce. (The dish looked more appetizing before the sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, Tabasco and dried red pepper flakes were scattered on top! What can I say, I like my stuff HOT!) Maggie ordered the same and John stuck with his favorite thing to eat whether he was in a casual or fine restaurant -- spaghetti and meatballs.
When we were finished with dinner, we wandered the casino (as Johnny and I had never been). I thought I would plug five dollars in a slot machine and on my second pull, won $29. Then Johnny put in ten dollars and won $28.50.

With money burning in our pockets from the big jackpot that we hit, we stopped on the way home at Tahiti Joe's for drinks. John and Maggie's poison was Kahlua with soda on the rocks, Johnny went for the Mai-Tai, and I had the Mereni Mojito in a souvenir ceramic Tiki mug.
The decor is so neat in there, we just loved the feel and ambiance of the Tiki lounge.
(We would love to put a Tiki head like this one with the red light behind it in the cutout where our t.v. is currently and mount the t.v. over the fireplace.)
What an awesome night we had! After a nice meal and after dinner drinks, it was time for us to go home and prepare for our next day out on the lake!

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