Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do-It-Yourself Remodeling

When we first started remodeling the kitchen, we knew there would be a lot involved--especially since we will be doing almost everything ourselves.
  • Tear out the desk extension at the end of the counter.
  • Install two additional cabinets in its place to bring the counter top flush with the cabinets above.
  • Unhook all the plumbing: dishwasher, range, and kitchen sink.
  • Tear out the old porcelain sink, tiles, and concrete floater.
  • Paint the cabinets.
  • Install new hardware.
  • Paint the kitchen walls.
The only thing we didn't do ourselves was install the quartz counter top.

We couldn't have done all that we did without the help of John & Maggie but doing most of the remodeling ourselves saved us thousands of dollars in labor cost.
Now all we have left is to paint the kitchen wall and this is where we are stuck. None of the colors we agreed upon works with the existing colors we currently have on the walls in the adjacent rooms of the lounge and living room. Right now there are swatches of paint on the walls; our kitchen still looks unfinished.

So we scoured through magazines and I purchased some books for inspiration. Recently I discovered, an open, free community with thousands of articles and hundreds of forums on several do-it-yourself home improvement topics such as how to wire older home. I read some helpful articles on wall treatments and different finishes that make work for our kitchen.

All I know is that the painting of our kitchen walls have come to a standstill and I am willing to look into all options. Perhaps a visit to and buying the "DoItYourself" DVD would help get better results and would have improved our project because knowledge is power.

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