Thursday, September 13, 2007

Creepy Crawly

I did something stupid which ultimately escalated to a problem of ant infestation.

After eating lunch on the go the other day, I didn't have a place to discard the remains of my sandwich so (rather than throwing it out the car window like some people do around here) I wrapped it up and stuck it in my big hunk of a purse until I could find a garbage can.

Well I forgot to properly dispose of my trash and so the next morning while I was at my desk at work, I discovered the half-eaten sandwich in my purse. So I did the logical thing and tossed it into my wastebasket. The custodial service empties our trash bags every night anyway. (They replace the liner and don't just empty the contents of the wastebasket into the large receptable bin that they bring around.)

Today, I kept discovering little ants here and there ... crawling on my desk, over my mouse, and me (ew). I looked around, especially the garbage can, and could not find where they were coming from. Ants usually gather in armies and I couldn't spot any more of those insects other than the scragglers.

Lunchtime came and I finished the chicken chow fun I ordered for dinner last night. I threw that in the garbage after I was sick of consuming the slippery greasy noodles.

Moments later, I think my sixth sense kicked in and I just KNEW.

The army of ants had finally arrived. Had I worn a skirt, I would've lifted it up and screamed like an elephant who encountered a mouse. I suspected there must've been an inside ant, the spy that had gotten outside to spread the news that there was food and so they all came. Oh yeah -- what seemed like hundreds of them.

My wastebasket was entirely infested with ants! I could see them creeping and crawling all over the black liner and styrofoam to-go box! I quickly grabbed the bag right out of the bin, tied up the opening, and walked outside of the building to dispose of it in the nearest trash bin.

Then I came back into my office and frantically searched for something to kill them (sorry, I am not Buddhist and do not practice antiviolent methods of getting rid of these creatures). I found a bottle of Expo dry erase board cleaner and sprayed the heck out of the carpet, trash bin, and area that surrounded the container. Those little pesks writhed and died before I wiped them up. They looked like what falls into the sink after my husband shaves the hair on his head. Little black granules of shells; the remains of their crumpled body.

Needless to say, I got the creepy crawly feeling all afternoon and I will not be dumping food remains in my trash bin anymore.

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