Monday, September 24, 2007

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

After we had lunch with our friend at Margaritaville, Johnny and I thought we'd meander through the fall display at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden before doing a little browsing at Urban Outfitters located within Desert Passage Shopping Mall. It is, after all, the First Day of Autumn.

We were immediately drawn to the gigantic water wheel and the soothing, splashing sound it made to an internal rhythm.
Then we came upon this fellow made of paper m√Ęche sitting casually among the pumpkin patch . Suspended in time and desperately in need of a pedicure and manicure (like I do). Meanwhile, large acrylic leaves hover in mid-air above his head.
Within a circular wall of moss, there's this larger than life display of a table and two chairs with a chandelier of yellow orchids hanging above.
We saw a bubbling brook trickling underneath a covered bridge ...
And beautifully carved pumpkins in patterns to capture the spirit of fall. The ears of corn is amazing...why didn't they carve a pumpkin?
Everything was deserving of our oohs and aahs; it was hard not to appreciate all the detail that went into the surreal displays like this gigantic barrel with hundreds of apples tumbling down. Kid you not, we thought the fruits were real. Some were glossy and looked succulent enough to bite into and others were wrinkled as if they had been sitting there for several weeks. But a chip in one of the apples we saw up close gave their authenticity away.

If you have never been to admire one of the seasonal displays at Bellagio, almost everything is real or shall I say botanical. During the spring, they will have huge spheres of flowers (like a Pomander bouquet) hanging from the air and life-size figurines made out of real flowers.
The flowers in the botanical gardens were a collection of bright red and orange hues. In inspiration for my kitchen wall. That's the look and feel that I am after, bright and warm.
Remember the larger than normal pumpkins? Well ... they are really huge. They are really, really big. Over a thousand pounds I'll guess. And one of them almost ate Johnny!
The conservatory was well worth a visit. It reminds me of when I use to live in Washington and the trees would turn shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Right now, it still feels like summer and the desert landscaping doesn't necessarily "turn" so it is hard to imagine that fall is here.

For more photos, please visit my Picasa Web Album.

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Corrin said...

I was there barely a month ago and they've already changed the display completely!

STQUEEN said...

HI, i saw your cat pictures. You need facebook page for your cat. cuz it has a really nice eye. everyone will love it.

Daly said...

Thank you STQUEEN. :-)