Monday, September 17, 2007

Back to the Gym

The new Student Recreation and Wellness Center opens up today. It has all the amenities of any athletic club within its 184,00 square feet of space and, better yet, it is conveniently located right here on my campus.

There is a membership fee for Faculty and Staff of $30 per month. Though I am a staff member at our institution, I have to say this is where all of those years of attending this university is finally paying off. There is no membership charge for current students and alumi. I don't want to say, "free" membership because the students and alumni have paid or are paying their dues as part of tuition.

So guess where I am going for lunch? I'll let you know how everything went.

~-Updated 1:08 p.m. -~

The gym was great! Everything is nice and new. I used the eliptic trainer while listening to dance beats on my iShuffle and watched the students pass by outside. I had a t.v. monitor built into my machine that I kept the news on but scenery outside was way more interesting. My pre-paid membership goes until 08/2009 and I might as well take advantage of it!

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