Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back Off

During this morning's drive to work, I was at the exit of a parking lot waiting for traffic to pass so that I can make a right turn onto Eastern Avenue when I heard the sound of a car horn honking. I looked in the rear view mirror to see that the person in the car behind me was honking her horn. Thinking, "WTF, lady? Where am I suppose to go since traffic is still going by and I can't safely turn yet?" and so finally I turned onto the street when the traffic cleared.

Then it dawned on me that she must've come to a stop too close behind my car, which is a stick shift, and my car must've have been rolling back towards hers. I only had my foot on the clutch and gas pedal and not the brake (because I was getting ready to turn) so it's normal to roll back a little, especially when the parking lot exit isn't exactly level. Then I got mad thinking, "You shouldn't have stopped on my bumper you bag of rotten prunes!"

If our cars had bumped, I would've hopped out of my car and flattened her face. I hate it when people come to a stop too close behind me. First of all, it scares me because I think they may not be able to stop in time and rear end me like the idiot school girl on her cell phone who hit me last August. (Speaking of which, the impact was so hard, my car jumped and hit the car in front of me so a third person was involved.) Secondly, when I'm on a hill and driving stick shift, I need the room for my car to roll backwards and don't need someone right on my car's arse. (Sometimes if I'm at an incline, I purposely roll back in hopes of letting the person know that I'm not comfortable having them stop at my bumper. They usually back off.)

There should normally be at least three feet of space between cars, not bumper to bumper. I'm not saying people should leave a whole car in between them--I've seen that happen. In fact I've looked around and sometimes there's enough room to fit my car in the gaps between cars. (Of course I can always release the clutch enough so my car doesn't roll but that's part of the fun in driving a stick shift. And I shouldn't have to worry about who's riding my bumper.)

There's another reason why people shouldn't come to a stop too closely behind another car and I've seen this happen many times ... the car in front inevitably has a mechanical failure and then the car behind them is stuck--because they stopped too close. And the traffic behind them hasn't a clue as to why no one is moving forward and so they are stuck. Then they all try to back up and cause the person in the car behind them to panick because they're already too close and going to hit each other like bumper cars.

I always allow enough room so I can drive around the car in front of me and then when I do drive by all the people who are sandwiched behind each other, it gives me the greatest satisfaction. Dumb, I know but I just hate the way people drive around Las Vegas. I don't know what it is about this city that fosters the most stupid drivers.

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