Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At the Gym

My biggest excuse for not working out for the past few months has been, "I am too tired" but now I think that I am too tired because I haven't been working out. I have forgotten what a rush it is to get my heart pumping and some air in my lungs and now I leave the gym high on endorphins.

I know it's too soon to talk about this but I wanted to report my progress with working out at the gym. It is my goal to go to the rec center on campus at least three times a week though I am aiming for every work day. Otherwise, I'll just sit at my desk and blog my lunch hour away so this is how I force myself outside to do something good for my health.
Basketball/Indoor hockey court. My husband would love that!
So I went to the gym again today: 10 minute walk there, 5 minutes to change, 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, 5 minutes to cool down/stretch, 5 minutes to change, 10 minutes to walk back with plenty of time to stop by the water cooler and refill my water bottle before I'm back at my desk. All this to prove to myself that no matter how busy I am, I can always squeeze in a workout in under an hour a day.

This is my second time at the gym this week since the opening of the rec center. Yesterday I was feeling underneath the weather (don't know if I was coming down with the flu (I rarely get sick from anything or if I was simply hung over from our afternoon at the lake).
[I love how the water in the pool is flush with the walkway.]
But I feel like I'm back to normal today and though I was still shy about going to the gym by myself, I know I have to go and soon enough, it will be become a habit. I no longer have a "valid" excuse because the gym is so convenient and usually by the end of the work day, I genuinely am too tired to work out but I still have enough energy and will power midway through the work day.

[This is the kiddie pool where I'll hang out.]
With our kitchen is near completion, we went grocery shopping again and stocked the fridge with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins so we can get back on the P90X program. It is a great system and we'll still work out to the videos together. (My favorite is the Ab Ribber X which I can do in the morning; it takes less than 15 minutes of my time.)

I am hoping when my husband asks if I want to work out to a P90X video, or go ride our bikes (that we got each other for Christmas and I rode, like, twice), or go play badminton at the nearest park, he won't hear me say, "I'm just too tired." but instead I'll say, "Sure! Bring it on, baby."

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johnny said...

That rec center is beautiful. I did the hockey rink. Have you seen anyone on it yet? I would like to go skate there sometime.