Monday, September 17, 2007

Afternoon at Sandy Cove (Lake Mead)

After I had a mini-workout at the new recreational center that opened up on campus, I started to feel like I was coming down with the flu. (I guess I overdid things with my light workout (heh, heh)). Since I rarely take sick days off from work, I went home for the afternoon to get some rest.
My sweet husband was home after running errands all morning. Trying not to sound to excited, he casually asked, "Do you feel like taking the boat out or ... go bike riding or something .. ?". (I know boating is his first choice and will always be so long as summer is around.)
It was such a gorgeous afternoon and of course I couldn't resist. The thought of laying on the bow, soaking in some sun made me feel better already. In less than an hour we were out on the lake and beached up at Sandy Cove.
I backed the boat down at the launch ramp. It was my first time (I've only backed the trailer prior to this day) and I think I'm getting the hang of it! I was so thrilled knowing that the launching-boat-trailer genes are just not exclusively inherent in men.
There wasn't a lot of action going on at Sandy Cove. Just how we like it. It was quiet, serene and besides two or three other boats at the cove, we were alone to enjoy our secluded afternoon together.
Right where we stood, some small fishes had gathered to rest under the shade created by our boat. Later, John took the boat for a run, alone, so I can take a video of him speeding by. The water was perfect and he could've surpassed 100 m.p.h. but didn't want to push it. Besides, I still needed a way to get back to the docs ;)
After several hours, it was time to head back to the marina. We could've spent an entire day on the lake anytime we are out but prefer not to pull the boat out of the water too late in the evening. I tell ya -- I am getting really good with backing down the trailer. This time, I put that baby right between two people who were launching and we were out of dock in less than two minutes.
Now I just need to recoup and feel better for tomorrow. Even if I feel like crap the next day, this afternoon with my husband out on the lake was well worth it.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, you and your boyfriend are the type of people that make me sick to come to Vegas. Is there anything in your life that isn't plastic and superficial (including your tits)? Newsflash- you're not that hot.

Daly said...

I am sorry you feel the way you do Anonymous, but I am sure you have your reasons. I've come across some shallow, mean people in this world (and not all of them live in Vegas) so it is easy to make assumptions based upon their appearances. But you don't know me :-) and judging from your comments, I can't help but come to the conclusion that you must be just as shallow as the ones who make you sick to see in Vegas. However you are entitled to say what makes you feel better. Thank you for visiting :-).

jeannette Murakami said...

How do you get to that sandy area??

Daly said...

We got there by boat. I don't know if there is any other way to get there except by water. The closest launch ramp is Callville Bay Marina and once you exit the bay, you turn left and Sandy Beach will be on your left hand side. If you look up Callville Bay on Google Maps (in satellite view), you'll see Sandy Cove.

Daly said...

It's about 2 to 3 miles by water from the Callville Bay.