Friday, August 10, 2007

VW Rabbit

Warning: Ranting all over the place.

I was so excited to finally be getting a smaller car for my every day driver. This VW Rabbit would be one that I can maneuver through traffic easily and park virtually anywhere. Since day one, it has been difficult to obtain.

First it wasn't available at the local dealership so it was shipped in from another dealership in Colorado. Then when the car arrived, it had two holes pre-drilled in the front for the license plate (we don't intend to mount plates on the front bumper so it just ruins the look of the car ) .

We had special 18" wheels ordered because the stock ones look crappy and waiting for the new wheels has been like watching a pet rock grow! Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Oh...Wednesday. No...Thursday. But late this Friday afternoon, the wheels finally arrived. (Freakin' slow-arse FedEx! )

Guess what?

ALL of the four wheels are damaged. Like someone took a hammer to it as Johnny had described when he went to sign the paperwork. (Freakin' FedEx! )

I hate this car already and I don't even have it. I haven't even seen it in person nor do I want to be the one to drive it off the lot.

All this waiting and trouble to get the car and wheels has taken the wind out of my sail...

I don't mean to sound spoiled or ungrateful. I'm just tired of waiting and not having my own car to drive. I've been driving my husband new truck and that's all fine and dandy husband has been playing musical chairs with our cars and I just long for a car that I can drive day in and day out for at least a year or so. Is that too much to yearn for??


Anonymous said...

Why didnt you call Clayton to get your bug??? Weaksauccccce. :)

Anonymous said...

Geez Daly, you're waaayy more patient than I am. I would have snapped a week and a half ago. I'm annoyed and it's not even my car!! Just hang in there and hopefully it will be worth it.

gogo said...

Hope this problem ll be fixed in a short time than u expected :)

Hello Daly said...

Thanks for your support, Kristen, gogo...and even Kashmir.

I am driving the car now and enjoying the torque and power.

The wheels are in transit and the car will look better once the wheels are on and the front bumper replaced to get that hideous cafeteria lunch plate looking thingie off.

I'll post a pic soon.