Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too Much Excitement for One Weekend!

Friday night, we met up with our friends Mike and Cara at one of our favorite places to eat for dinner, Steaks on Horizon Ridge. Johnny and I have been to this location several times before enough to say that the food has always been good and the steaks done exactly to order. Of course whenever taking others there for the first time, we always have to eat our words for dinner this time around was just disappointing.

Long story short, our food was just crusted with salt and Johnny's steak was the worst. Not only was it salty but it was as if the steak wasn't completely defrosted before it was cooked because the center was still cold and had ice crystals when it was served. None of us returned the food to the kitchen--we're all easy going and just gagged what we could down our throats.

Not sure what happened in the kitchen that night but hopefully this trend doesn't keep up because they will be losing business including us.

After dinner, all of us went to Ryan and Kristen's home for drinks. There were already other couples there partying before us.

Around 10:45 p.m., there was a knock at the door. To our surprise, it was a couple police officers from the Henderson Police Department. Apparently the neighbor had complained that we were a little too loud and of course it was the officers' duty to respond. Two minutes later, the HPOs were gone after they saw that the rowdy party was nothing but a group of adults socializing like normal people do.

Sunday, Johnny and I went to LOWE's to pay for our new countertops before we relaxed a little bit at home with Havi and Elgy.
Havi, Elgy, and Johnny at home
Our friends, Jason and Cinzia, invited us over for dinner and to swim by their monstrous pool which equally matches their monstrous house in the Anthem Country Club.

super cat
They have a new addition to the family. A cute short-haired kitty (named "Fluffy" by their son) with blue eyes and an extra vertebra that makes him a super kitty!

John and Daly with Justin
(Johnny and I with Justin)

Justin with Von Zippers
(Justin with my Von Zipper)
After swimming in the pool, we sat down for a delicious dinner of potatoes, corn, shrimp, and beef tenderloin. What a wonderful evening it was!

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