Friday, August 03, 2007


Thank God it's Friday! I am just beat from this week with all the meetings, training sessions, a video conference, and a workshop that I've attended (with one more meeting to go in a few minutes). These events have kept me busy but it was mentally draining and so I am definitely ready for a break!

To top it all off, my morning didn't start off that great. You see, everyday I park in the last space at the farthest end of this parking lot at work because I got tired of getting door dings on my Durango. As you can see in the photo, this space is unusually wide. As wide as the spaces the big wigs get and so if I get a door ding here, I don't know where else I can park that is a bigger space.

People just don't have the same respect for other's property. (Even if I park next to a beat up car, I still take car not to hit their door with my door because I wouldn't want someone to do that to my car (if I had a beat up one)--plus I don't want to scratch up my car door.) My husband and I work hard to have the things we own and it sucks when other ruin it.

So since I don't have a car yet (hopefully it will arrive at the dealership today), I am driving my husband's car and so I'm doing my best to take good care of it. Heaven forbid I get a door ding on his new baby. It will just send him in a fury to buy a newer than new car though he's promised me he'll keep this one for at least three years and stop his car turnover streak.

This particular morning, I am a little irritated because there is this beat up blue truck in my usual parking spot. Of all the spaces the driver could have parked, they picked THAT one. As if a door ding is really gonna mess up that piece of trash (sorry--I'm really irked; I don't mean it). I see that they have a temporary parking pass so hopefully that truck will not be parking in my spot again.

(I say "my spot" even though our parking spaces are not reserved unless I pay for a RESERVED space at a premim of over $500 per year. But I still pay almost $200 per year for parking (which is messed up that employees have to pay for parking) and so I should be able to park in my usual space over someone with a temporary permit.

I'll give that person the benefit of the doubt that they do not know that is my usual spot and innocently parked there. Hopefully they didn't purposely park there to get that spot before me because there will be war. I will come in as early as I have to get that spot. F*cker.


Kristen said...

Hey Daly, I feel ya. The other day I went to the grocery store and when I came out the parking lot was a mine field of carts. My biggest pet peeve is people who don't return carts back the the little corral things (I've had more than one vehicle get clobbered by a rogue cart, had a very close call in the Vons parking lot that involved me having to sprint to catch the cart before it slammed the charger). So when I get to where I'm parked there are two carts with their wheels propped up on the curb (at least these can run amok and ding your car). I decide since I have to return my cart I might as well take the other two by my car. As I'm wrangling and strapping the 3 carts together and beginning to wrestle them to the cart corral, this fat, lazy, POS nonchalauntly wheels his cart over by my car and just LEAVES IT!!! didn't even hook it on the curb. I just about yelled "maybe you wouldn't be morbidly obese if you took the extra 20 steps to put your cart back", but I just fumed the whole way home instead. Needless to say it only furthered my belief that people just don't feel that teaching their offspring concepts like courtesy and conscienciouness is important. pwheww, I feel better. Kristen

Hello Daly said...

Oh--the NERVE of that dude! Like, WTF?! Don't you see me moving stray carts like the one you're leaving behind? He must've thought you were an employee or something, wrangling the carts.

I always walk the shopping cart back to the corral no matter how lazy I am because a) I'd feel bad leaving it there and b) I get more steps in my day and a little satisfaction when I see fat people leave their carts in the middle of nowhere, and think to myself--that's one of the reasons why you're fat.

Anonymous said...

"...when I see fat people leave their carts in the middle of nowhere, and think to myself--that's one of the reasons why you're fat."

That seems like a pretty mean thing to say... there are a lot of skinny people who leave their carts all over the place too.

Hello Daly said...

Anonymous, you are right. Skinny people do it too--not just fat people. It was just one thing I could pick on at the moment that would make me feel better.

It just irritates me when people leave their carts right where it might roll and hit someone's car or take up a parking space.

Now when I see people finish unloading their carts, I offer to take it from them so I can use it for my grocery shopping.