Friday, August 03, 2007

Sick of Things

You know what?--I'm just sick of it!!

I'm going to get a part-time job, right after work at 6 p.m. Even though I will lose at the job and not get paid a penny for working--I have do it.

I've decided my part-time job will be to exercise at least five times a week, lose the beer along the way, and possibly some fat in the process.

We were doing so well on the P90X program that we could physically see the results of our hard work but then life got in the way. Since then, we've attempted to resume the program but our progress has been spotty.

I've finally had enough and this time, working out will be like a part-time job. Just like any job, I have to show up and go to work. No ifs, ands, or butts.

I show up to my regular full-time job every day. I don't make excuses, I don't call in sick. The only time I'm off is when it is planned. I just have to treat working out like a second job.

I have no more excuses. School is over and done with (for the moment) and my evenings are (and have been) free. So there you have it. Publicly declared and now I have to own up to it.


TE said...

I tried to click on the P90X link but got nothing...........I am familar with most workout programs but have never heard of the P90X.....

Hello Daly said...

Sorry about that. The P90X link on this page goes to another post where I talk about our new approach to eating and there are P90X links on that page that will take you to the website of Beach Body, the makers of P90X where you can find more information and order the product.

Best wishes if you decide to start the program!

Hello Daly said...

Okay, I modified this post so the "P90X program" is linked to the Beach Body website.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. :)

TE said...

Link works great thanks! Is the program working for you?

Hello Daly said...

te, the program is great! The diet is easy to follow (you can use the portion, convenience, or meal plan approach). The DVDs offer a lot of variety and challenging workouts. If you are ready to push yourself to the next level of fitness, this is the program. It will break you out of your mold, plateau, rut--whatever.

Is the program working for me? No because I haven't been following the program or working out to the DVDs. I should be fired from the P/T time I took up because I haven't reported for a couple weeks!

Did the program work for me? YES!! By the end of the second week, the dimplings behind my thighs went away, the muscles in my abs started to appear--the physical results were definitely visible.

But the greater benefits I experienced was that I had constant energy throughout the day (no crashing) and I slept so well throughout the night. Before I slept for a longer amount of time but never felt fully rested.

I definitely need to get back on the program. It has been difficult lately since we tore up the kitchen and we never realized how dependent we were on having a sink (to drain liquids, constantly wash my hands, rinse things off like fruits and vegetables, and wash the knife and cutting board)!

I guess we can switch to the convenience approach (take out food and t.v. dinners) for now.

Thanks for keeping me in line!!

Hello Daly said...

Every now and then, I realize that not everything in life is always going to be easy. Some of the greater accomplishments were achieved through adversity and I can't always wait for things to be right or "perfect" (so that I can work out and resume the P90X program again or simply work on a better lifestyle for my health).

Life is always going to be full of changes and challenges. I can't continue to use those things as an excuse as I have been doing.

It's not realistic for me to strive for perfection but I can aim for consistency and, in the long run, that's what our bodies respond to--is how we eat, exercise, and take care of our bodies day in and out.

Speak of which, I need to take my vitamins and calcium! I'm SO bad about that.

TE said...

Working out is about 90% mental getting into a routine and staying with it. I usually workout in the morning before work because I find it extremely difficult to get motivated after work. Depending on how draining work is I usually grab a beer or glass of wine and veg out so working out in the morning works better for me. I am not so concerned about dieting since I make a protein shake (protein power, flaxseed, banana and strawberries with soy milk) in the morning and for lunch and then eat a regular dinner.

Stick with your routine make your workout as important as work is and you will do great.

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, TE. I use to be able to get up early in the morning to jog but now it's difficult to get up way after my alarm goes off (probably because I'm not getting quality sleep because I haven't been working out?).

I is extremely difficult for me to find the motivation to work out after work. As soon as I'm home with a glass of gin & tonic in my hand, I am done for the day.

The protein shake is a great idea. We picked up a bag of chocolate flavored protein whey and, if I have enough time in the morning (I'm usually rushing off because I wake up with just enough time to get ready and out the door), I'll make a shake. It's very filling and supplements my protein intake. Sometimes I get sick of eating meat and prefer just fruits and vegetables.

Thank you for your support, TE. I am making an effort to get back in the groove now that we have a gym on campus.