Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Shoes for My Whip

(Check out the head lamp)

(This is the logo for the Rabbit. I finally got the floormats today (which I kept calling placemat and almost did just now). It has the same logo on the floormats.)

Now it just needs to be lowered, a window tint, shorter antenna, all the black parts on the molding painted white, the front bumper replaced, the orange flasher replaced with a color matched side marker and it will look good! Just a few small repairs...

Just removing that temporary license plate paper in the back from the dealership made me feel better. I absolutely hate that thing. Seen it enough times, I'm so sick of seeing it. So I had Johnny put the to-be-permanent plate back on since it will be registered under the same number.

I am just happy to have something to drive that is my own instead of shuffling from car to car. At least Johnny got to drive a Harley to and from work. I would LOVE to but 1) I don't have a license and I don't even know how to ride and 2) even if I could ride, he would NEVER let me ride in traffic. Just unfair.

But with 150 horsepower, who can complain. The Jetta I drove before only had 115 and it was a heavier car. So is it fun? Yeah, baby!!!


Annejelynn said...

what a fun new toy! yay!

Hello Daly said...

I think that the BEST part aside from it being a fun toy to drive and modify is that this car is fuel efficient.

Ever since we got it Friday the 10th, I haven't refilled the gas tank. I would've gone two full weeks (of running errands and driving to/from work) without a drop more of gasoline if Johnny hadn't taken it for a "test drive" after he put the new wheels on.

I filled up this afternoon and it was just over $30 instead of over $65. Granted the Durango had double the gas tank capacity but I was filling that thing up at the end of every week where I will only need to fill this car up every two weeks.