Monday, August 20, 2007

Neverending Kitchen Project and Shooting with Shannon

Sunday morning, Johnny tore apart the "floater" (partical board with 3" thick concrete) which had supported the tiles.
While Ghost Cat watched on....

It didn't take too long and we were glad that the kitchen was prepped for the counter to be installed the next day.
The countertops to the left of the stove was successfully installed this morning BUT (of course Murphy's law inserts itself here) the biggest part of the countertops were cut wrong ( 1 1/2 inches off so the sink will not align with the plumbing) and so what you see pictured above will not be finished until this Friday. Foo-ey!

So our friend, Shannon met us at our house to go shooting as we had planned. But first, we had to get some grub at Sierra Gold.

My Pear and Arugala Salad with goat cheese, caramalized walnuts, and chicken.

Soon we were in the desert outside of Boulder City limits to shoot. Shannon shoots inside and outside of ranges enough to be prepared with all that we needed to have fun.

I got to shoot my Ruger SP101 revolver for the first time since Johnny purchased it for me. I LOVE it, LOVE it!! (Today the muscles of my right forearm is so sore from squeezing the trigger repeatedly.)
We blew up rocks and plastic bottles. (Of course we always pick up the man-made waste and make it a rule to bring more (trash) back from the desert than we took there.)

One of Shannon's targets that he built himself.

He's very good at explaining what to do, not to do, look for like how to hit a target 500 feet away.
And then I tried shooting the rifle.
What an AWESOME time we had!!

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