Thursday, August 16, 2007

Memory Walk to End Alzheimer's

Uncle Frank Costanza

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Millions of American families are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. One of those families is one of our own, Frank and Leanna Costanza. Uncle Frank (pictured above with Johnny) has been living with Alzheimer's for the past 8 years and is now in the advanced stages of the disease. This debilitating disease is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. and every 72 seconds, someone is diagnosed with the disease.

Recently, Frank and Leanna made a surprise visit to Las Vegas. It was good to see them and we had a great time but we were deeply saddened by the gravity of Uncle Frank's condition. I posted photos and wrote a little bit about our short visit with them the first time and once again before they left for their home in Montana.

For all of those millions of people fighting this disease and to honor Uncle Frank, Johnny and I are participating in the Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter Memory Walk this October 20th right here in Las Vegas.

We hope to be able to raise at least $2,000 to support the Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter, which provides consultation, information and referral, and support programs to those affected by Alzheimer’s. Our first donation of $150.00 came from Henderson Harley Davidson! (For every $500 we raise, our names will be placed in a drawing to win one of two awesome trips to Las Vegas. We'd like to surprise Uncle Frank and Leanna with the award if we win.)

We know we can achieve our fundraising goal with the support of family and friends like you. Would you please consider making a donation to the Alzheimer's Association? No amount is too small because collectively, we can make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer's. You can give online through the link below (or the Donate button on the sidebar to the right) or we can accept a check payable to: Alzheimer's Association Desert Southwest Chapter*.

Thank you,
Johnny & Daly

*The Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter is the first and largest health and social service organization dedicated to providing support for these families affected by dementia, finding prevention methods, treatments and an eventual cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


A big thank you to those of you who have generously donated. We are closer to reaching our goal because of you!!
Henderson Harley-Davidson

Rolanda Chung

[FJ] svtf02red
In Honor of Emily Stoermer

Michael Nelson

Kristina Biane
In Honor of Uncle Frank

David Buckley
In Support of Uncle Frank

Chris Stout
In Memory of My Great-Grandmother

Diane Figgs
In Memory of Jeanette Amalfitar

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Annejelynn said...

Sorry we could not give more, Daly ~ the wedding has taken us over, financially! Good luck raising funds to fight Alzheimers! It's such a heartbreaking illness!