Friday, August 31, 2007

Love Is...

Love is getting out of the warm, comfortable bed at the wee crack of dawn to put the cats outside of the bedroom so the other spouse can sleep undisturbed.

Our cats always come to bed with us at night but one of them gets active like clockwork at 4:10 a.m. every morning; as if the silent ticking of the digital alarm clock wakes her up on cue. She gets restless and starts peeking behind the blinds of the big window in the bathroom (and of ALL the windows in the house to pick from -- she singles out THAT one). The only view it offers is the gray brick wall which separates our house from the neighbor so I have NO IDEA what she finds so irresistably interesting beyond the glass barrier.

Not wanting to separate the fond friends, both are locked outside of the bedroom (even though the other cat is still in bed and well behaved). But not before giving them pets and hugs showing them that, "I love you" and "You can't help being a cat but YOU'RE not the one who has to get up for work in a few hours so that the mortgage gets paid." (These cats sleep all day and probably think what's the big deal with them getting up at 4 a.m. in the morning?)

Love is getting out of the warm, comfortable bed (again) after falling into a second slumber ... to bring one of the cats back into the bedroom because the other cat is unrelentingly practicing UFC moves on her!

(I love you sweetheart and the ways you unconsciously show me that you care)

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